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An Old Still Life :iconsivrel:sivrel 3 3 About Darn Time :iconsivrel:sivrel 0 3
Mature content
The Rat Boy (alternate continuity reboot) :iconsivrel:sivrel 0 7
Rat Among Wizards Chapter six
Rat Among Wizards Chapter six
Toka and Gaius sat down in the hallway with Femi, and one instructor who gazed down at the young Ikvar woman while tapping his foot in an annoyed fashion.
"Why do you Ikvar never seem to follow any kind of protocol or instruction. You people always seem to go off-"
Toka immediately volunteered an interuption of her own with "Because for Clan Eskur instructions from our former masters never ended well." There was something of a wide grin on her face which to Gaius seemed a little less than clever.
With that remark the instructor almost immediately grabbed Toka by the back of her   chain shirt and tried to drag her out of the dorm room. In the meantime however she nearly sat there dumbfounded as from her own muscle and the Aldrynni's lackthereof... she didn't move much. Gaius and Femi couldn't help but snicker a bit as the older man's face was turning increasingly red.
The instructor's red robe almost seemed to flutter with annoyance in tune with it's w
:iconsivrel:sivrel 0 4
Mature content
Chapter 5A week and a half :iconsivrel:sivrel 0 4
Rat Among Wizards Ch. 4
Rat Among Wizards
Chapter 4
Relluu walked Gaius in front of a door. Opening it he heard someone speaking.
"And that's when I said that I'm too magnificent for your puny snowballs."
A laugh followed, on addition to a girl saying "Yes, right after you were beamed in the back of your cocky head."
Walking in Gaius saw the same caramel colored boy and half-elf girl talking. The boy had his nose up in the air as the girl was laughing on the floor. He had his head cocked while the two finally noticed him. The girl quickly sat up and the boy lowered his head. Both children had blue robes in opposition to Gaius's green.
The girl stood up and calmly walked over. The boy jumped to his feet and nearly dashed over to Gaius holding his hand out. Is this what it's like for people to be nice? He remembered Toka once jumped out of a crowd and wrapped her arms around him. This isn't nearly as dramatic but Gaius held out his hand to his new classmate and weakly grasped it.
The boy spoke "So you're the ne
:iconsivrel:sivrel 0 2
Rat Among Wizards Ch. 3
Rat Among Wizards
Chapter 3
Gaius walked through the academy. Both the outside and inside seemed more like a castle that a school. Tapestries lined the walls showing pictures of sages, owls, and scroll. Light emanated from what appeared to be torches but further inspection would reveal them to merely be sticks with glowing orbs atop them.
As the boy walked an echo sounder from what appeared to be everywhere, startling him at first. Other steps followed along while other students and staff trod upon the castle's stairs and floors. A quiet cacophony filled what seemed to be an empty hall.
The Principle chuckled "The place isn't haunted boy. It's just sound is carried very easily here. You'll get used to it as the year goes on."
Hemmar plainly stated "It will take some time for him to be accustomed. He's... not accustomed to trusting others."
Gaius was still looking around and listening to his surroundings. A few students, the majority of whom seemed to be of the boy's age were talking. O
:iconsivrel:sivrel 2 3
Rat Among Wizards CH.2
Rat Among Wizards
Chapter 2
Gaius looked up, peering at the face of his adopted father. Hemmar's coppery face, dark eyes, and hooked nose always made an obvious contrast which revealed his status as a stepson. A child and his parent could have never looked so different than the two of them. Hemmar was dressed in a black sleeved tunic which was came past his waist, a pair of dark gray trousers, and riding boots.
Two men could be seen on either side of them, both with chain mail and scimitars at their side. Gaius kept looking around for anyone else with them. Unfortunately looking around produced no results. This made the boy clutch his father's arm more tightly. In addition they were on foot, not in a horse carriage.
Finally Hemmar spoke "I saw you were with Toka today."
Gaius happily nodded.
"'Tis a sad thing. Up until two months ago nobody either grown or young would speak to you. When you spend less than a day out on the steppes among the Ikvar one decides to befriend you. Although I
:iconsivrel:sivrel 1 2
Rat Among Wizards
A Rat Among Wizards
Chapter 1
A young woman sat upon a bench while looking to the sky. A castle floated around with four waterfalls mysteriously from each of it's four sides. The woman herself had short, wavy hair and slightly squinted eyes, both were of a deep hazel hue. She wore loose, fitting cloth breeches and sleeveless tunic both without dye, leaving their natural earthly colors.
"Hey Toka."
A boy ran up. He was shorter than her, at least a full heads worth. He wore his own golden hair long in a ponytail. His jade eyes widened at her sight. His nose was slightly bent to the side, a sight which always made Toka sigh. He wore an embroidered robed dyed green with silver designs of plants, animals, and staves or wands forming some intricate pattern across and between the shoulders. He was jumping up excitedly while seeing the young woman.
"Toka, glad to see it's you." He smiled brightly, grabbing her hand. "I've been sent to a school here in Aldrynn for education. Hey, how often are
:iconsivrel:sivrel 1 2
Woman in Gray
I find myself haunted
A lady beckons to me
As if I were expected
She sits on a park bench
Behind it a lamp post
The woman's voice bears a pinch
Looking at both Lamp and seat
naught but a void surrounds them
while she hums some soothing beat
"Come hither, sit" she speaks
Upon doing so I peer at her
Her face was a blank, nothing to seek
An empty and smooth visage
while all of her is gray
She stared perhaps like an ominous sage
The lamp grants a soft warm light
as snow starts to fall around us
"Find me" she says as she takes flight
:iconsivrel:sivrel 0 8
Julianna D'arc Scene
Julianna fired a shot from her pistol.She ran down after the figure. Lights flickered on and off as it ran away. In spite of it's speed however she was gaining, quickly.
Even after a few minutes the two finally came to a well-lit room where the figure finally stopped. There were long isles of rusted shelves, some were in varying processes of collapse.Boxes, mostly broken and empty could still be seen on a few with rotting wood and cardboard. Rubbish could be found cluttering the floor from flying newspapers to rolling empty tin cans, even immoble piles of garbage best left unmentioned.
The figure stood and raised its hands. The hands were slender and pale. Looking from behind black unkempt hair could be seen. All of this person's clothes were dark except a bloodstained portion overing the upper portion, however any wound that should have been there was absent.
Turning around the figure was revealed to be... a person, a teenager to be exact. Julianna lowered her gun upon seeing him. The
:iconsivrel:sivrel 0 8
Grunny Hat Still Life :iconsivrel:sivrel 0 4
Mature content
Character Bio: Joshua Mourn :iconsivrel:sivrel 0 4
Mature content
Baka Bottle Rocket :iconsivrel:sivrel 1 5
Mouse Guard Reproduction :iconsivrel:sivrel 2 11
Sniffed in Space
Sniffed in Space
Here we have a revolutionary new satellite design
The new U.S.S Nasal
With one feature never before seen on a craft such as this… a nose
That's right, this thing can literally "sniff out" the great mysteries of the universe.
Allowing scientists new insights
Or shall I say new "in smells" of a planet
Of course the big limit is that to truly understand the smell we need people to sniff
Which is why we hired five astronauts to an the satellite
Which means we have the world's first nasal gazers
They have what it takes to sniff the stars.
However in due time you can have your own star smelling device.
For you see these same scientists are working on the new smell-a-scope.
To where you too get to join in on all the smelling fun.
Just you wait… it'll happen one day.
Just wait and see.
:iconsivrel:sivrel 0 2

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